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2022 Matcha Wholesale Lineup

As cafes begin packing full again, Botanik is ready for serving up behind the bar. After thoughtful consideration, our offerings have been revamped, and we couldn't be more excited to share. We have these 4 flavors now available:

Cafe Matcha

Simple and solid - Cafe Matcha uses our flagship Single Origin matcha powder and organic cane sugar... it is the highest quality pre-sweetened matcha ANYWHERE! Brewing is as easy as measuring 1 tablespoon per serving, and stirring into milk or water. No sifting or whisking is required. This makes it a great option if consistency and ease-of-preparation are a priority.

Mango Matcha

Mango Matcha blends our flagship Single Origin matcha with delicious organic mango juice powder, and organic cane sugar. The mango taste is authentic from the fruit, not from a synthetic flavoring agent. It brews with no sifting or whisking required, and is especially refreshing served iced!

Chai Matcha

Chai Matcha is a unique combination of cozy familiar flavors. It is versatile, tasting great as a latte or straight up, warm or over ice. The chai spice flavor is a subtle boost, not an overpowering force. It is also lightly sweetened and does not require sifting or whisking. Simply measure 1 tbsp per 8oz serving and stir.

Single Origin


Our flagship product from Shizuoka, Japan, and backbone of all our matchas. This unsweetened option is the most flexible. It allows customers to choose their favorite sweeteners, and how much they want to add. We recommend sifting to remove clumps, and whisking with either an electric or bamboo whisk. This matcha is outstanding in a latte OR straight up, the options are endless.

If interested in a wholesale account, we would be happy to provide your business with complimentary samples, and answer any questions you may have.


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