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Garrett / Founder

My favorite cup of tea is a floral oolong, with one or two shots of smooth matcha in the early afternoon.


Avalon / Account Manager

I really enjoy the ritual of brewing a tea first thing in the morning, and the earlier the better! That way, I have a lot of space to enjoy a few steeping of loose leaf before my day starts — preferably with a gentle oolong, or a smooth green.

chuck 2_edited.jpg

Chuck M.D. Ph.D. / Advisor

I am more of a coffee in the lab kinda guy.


Lauren / Social Media

One of my favorite ways to start the morning off is with a hot matcha latte.


Erin / Marketing & Outreach

I typically like to start my day off with tea, but sometimes it's also my midday pick-me-up treat.  My go-to is a matcha latte, either iced or cold!


Marissa / Marketing & Outreach

I love drinking tea right when i wake up in the morning because it is a great way to start the day! My favorite tea to drink is either earl grey tea or matcha!


Lailanie / Social Media

My favorite type of tea is definitely green tea, it has wonderful benefits and is good hot or iced.  My favorite time of day to drink tea is at night, it helps me wind down.


Hannah / Graphic Design

My favorite type of tea is white tea (Harvest Moon), because it has a subtle floral scent and is very light. My favorite time of day to drink tea is in the morning, I like to start my day with some warm tea to help get me through the day.

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