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Our SimpliciTEA Collection frames exceptional blends herbs and singe-origin teas in convenient yet eco-conscious compostable packaging made from abaca fiber. Our tea bags are free of dyes, glue staples and chlorine bleach (its white color from natural oxygen bleaching). Unwrapped tea bags reduce waste and the outer pouch keeps an air-tight seal for optimum freshness.

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Herbal Blends

Ginger Zing

Lemon Mint

Turmeric Tonic

White Tea

Aged Honey Peony

This complex white tea comes from the Fujian Province of
China. Its minimal processing by only open air withering yields an appealing flavor profile with subtle notes of pine and honey.

Green Tea

Emerald Coast

Oolong Tea

Orchid Flower
This floral oolong comes from the Fujian Province of China. An abundance of flavor comes from its complex processing, which includes sun withering, tossing, rolling and drying.


Black Tea

Eternal Black

From Darjeeling, India - a world-renowned growing region nestled high in the Himalayas. The majestic terroir creates some of the worldʼs most magnificent black teas.

Yerba Maté

Our highly-energizing Yerba Mate comes from old growth
trees in Paraguay, the land of yerba mate historic origins. With a
smoke-free drying process, the flavor is bright and earthy.

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