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Why Boba At Home?

The delight brought by boba tea actually comes easily. Everyone can make their own cup of boba tea at home! All you need is tea, milk, a sweetener, and your favorite toppings.

How delicious your boba tea is largely depends on the quality of tea. Using our selective organic tea products, you can make the most outstanding boba tea that you would be able to find anywhere, right in your kitchen!

Why boba tea DIY at home?


Many boba tea shops use tea powders instead of heady tea leaves, because it is more efficient and less costly. However, with boba tea DIY, you can use organic, high-quality tea leaves to make the boba tea.


Boba tea sold in the shop often contains ridiculous amounts of processed sugar, whereas at home, you can control both the sweetness level of your boba tea, and type sweeteners. We love honey, maple and agave syrups!

Less expensive

The profit margins of boba made for you in the shop are very high. They deal with high rent costs, employee wages, ect… we get it. A cup of boba tea normally costs $4-$6 AND they often skimp on the quality of ingredients. Homemade boba with high quality teas, milks, sweeteners and toppings will cost you MUCH less.

FUN and interactive

It is simply fun to make boba tea at home. You will feel proud of yourself… DO IT! :)

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