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Sprinkle Some Matcha, Make Your Day A Bit More Magical

There are many ways to use matcha powder other than brewing it. Similar to powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, and others... you can sprinkle it on almost anything to add some fun color and robustness to your food!

If you’re feeling excited to give it a try, we gathered up some fun matcha ideas for you to experiment with.

Matcha SMOOTHIE (classic)

Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of matcha power to your go-to smoothie recipes.

Chill on the syrup, sprinkle some matcha on your PANCAKES.

Want to try a different topping for your pancakes? You can dust your pancakes with a mixture of matcha powder and powdered sugar.


Mix a half teaspoon of matcha in your oatmeal to start your day with a slow-burning carb and sustained energy

Sprinkle some green on your POPCORN

Sprinkle a little matcha over your popcorn. You can go sweet with it by adding sugar or white chocolate.

Boost your BAKE GOODS.

Add 2 to 4 teaspoons of matcha powder to cookie dough, lemon bars, pastry, cake batter and more before baking, or after for a top coat sprinkle.

Balance your GRANOLA.

Sometimes the granola you buy from stores tastes too sweet. You can sprinkle some matcha powder to help balance the flavor.


Fruit, yogurt, granola, honey or whatever

Our Single Origin ceremonial grade matcha is a lavish choice for a sprinkle. It is the highest quality available in the world, and traditionally used for tea ceremonies in Japan. The high quality presents no bitterness or seaweed flavor, in the ways that ‘culinary grade matcha’ does. Even after baking for hours, its vibrant green color will still shine in the baked food.

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I'm going to try to matcha on granola. Yum.

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