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Estate Reserve Spotlight: Harvest Moon, Yunnan Gold, Qimen Gongfu

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon, a beautiful white tea with a romantic name, is mainly produced in Jing Gu county of Yunnan province, China. It has a long history of cultivation, dating back to about 150 years ago.

The tea garden is located on the mountain at an altitude of 1600 meters. Temperate temperature, humid atmosphere, and ample sunshine work together to benefit the cultivation of Harvest Moon.

This white tea is unique in its plucking: the tea is plucked in the early morning under the moonlight. Thanks to its special processing, the tea leaves, and young buds are covered with fine white hairs, and the back of the leaves are black due to oxidation.

Aroma and Taste

This delicate white tea is a beautiful and unique combination of unopened buds, together with long dark oxidized leaves still connected to tender stems. It processes a deep floral perfume-like aroma, which is remarkably mirrored in its taste.

Yunnan Gold

Yunnan Gold, a special long-leaf oolong with beautiful golden tips, comes from the Yunnan Province of China, a region that is not commonly known for oolong teas.

Yunnan belongs to the subtropical climate, and the annual average temperature is around 64.4°F. The main tea plantation is located in the alpine valley between the Lancang River and the Salween River. The average altitude is above 1,000 meters.

Thanks to the fertile soil with a thick layer of humus, the tea trees of Yunnan Gold are tall with big leaves.

Aroma and Taste

This rare and special long-leaf oolong is round and full. It has a subtle caramel sweetness, which becomes increasingly exposed as its temperature cools.

Enjoy warm, or treat yourself to an extraordinary tea iced.

Qimen Gongfu

Qimen Gongfu, one of the most elegant black tea in the world, is produced in Qimen County in the Anhui Province of China. Qimen County is dominated by mountains and hills, where ost tea plantations are located at an altitude of 100-350 meters.

As Qimen belongs to a humid subtropical climate, it is abundant in rainfall, and the average temperature is around 60.08°F. Especially during spring and summertime, the tea farm is covered by a layer of white mist. All of these factors contribute to a favorable natural condition to grow tea. The soil in which tea is grown is rich in iron and aluminum oxides, another natural advantage for the growth of tea.

Aroma and Taste

This familiar-tasting yet unique tea is smooth and expansive. It has an exceptionally bright floral aroma, a buttery delicate mouthfeel, and a round malty flavor that tails off with an elegant finish. Perhaps the best value in our Estate Reserve Collection.

Savor the flavor of this special Chinese red. (What is called ‘red tea’ in China is called ‘black tea’ in most places… fun fact, they are the same thing.)


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