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Matcharu - Single Origin

Eco-consciously formed, masterfully produced
Shizuoka, Japan


Ceremonial Grade
30 grams



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Grown in the majestic hills of the Shizouka Prefecture, Japan, it is pesticide free and only uses only organic fertilizer produced by the local community. This practice maintains a sustainable closed-loop system that supports a thriving local ecosystem including rich soils and vast biodiversity. 


Our farmer has configured an array of solar panels to shade the plants while generating electricity for his village.  The plants are hand-harvested in the spring, and ground using traditional stone-milling tools. 


The difference is something you can see, smell, taste and feel. It brews a beautifully vibrant green color, has a bright grassy nose and a smooth creamy taste. The clean flavor is rich with umami, and possesses soft notes of buttermilk and walnut. With high levels of L-Theanine, you can expect an exceptional experience of calm with heightened attentiveness.


 Enjoy it in lattes, smoothies, sprinkled on food, or of course straight-up on its own, leaving room to speak to you purely.



1. Heat about 8oz of purified water. We find about 160f to be ideal.

2. Brush about ½ tsp of matcha over sifter and into a brewing vessel.

4. Add a bit of hot water (about 2oz) and briskly whisk the mixture with bamboo chasen to create a smooth and rich pasty consistency.

5. Add your favorite sweetener if desired, then more water to your desired concentration level.

6. Add your favorite milk or creamer if desired.

7. Stir, smell and enjoy!


1. Brush about ½ tsp of matcha over sifter and into a brewing vessel

2. Sifting ensures no clumps!

3. Add warm water

4. Be sure the water is well under boiling to ensure the delicate tea does not lose finesse. We find about 160f to be ideal.

5. Whisk Pour your fresh matcha concentrate over iced milk

6. Add your favorite sweetener is desired

7. Stir, smell and enjoy!

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